We shall be able to provide support to our clients in all forms and at all stages of their business restructuring procedures, such as mergers, demergers, real estate acquisition and larger investment projects.

LIMAR professionals have expertise in the comprehensive project management. We offer coordination of all parties involved in a project, whether it is a restructuring, merger or other transaction. In the name of the client, we will communicate with legal counsels, lawyers, tax planners, banks, authorities, institutions, and other third party administrators to ensure a smooth implementation of the strategy and effective achievement of the goal.

Examples of projects we have recently concluded:

  • Re-grouping the activities of a MNE from various jurisdictions into a single Holding company location (Austria or other jurisdiction of the choice)
  • Establishing the holding company in Austria and subsequent acquisition of subsidiaries/transfer of subsidiaries to a newly formed holding company
  • Re-organisation of one corporate entity into another (e.g. LLP transformation into Joint Stock Company or Foundation)
  • Expansion of Business into Europe with the help of Austrian Holding Company or Austrian Management Company
  • Real Estate Acquisition Deals both in Austria and in other EU Countries
  • Re- Financing of a Multinational Corporation
  • Sale of a small Hotel Group and its subsequent integration into a larger Hotel Group
  • Raising funds for an Oil Development Field (Project)
  • And many more